Oct. 7: Bethany Blues Bethany Beach, Delaware

Topped with a fresh egg! Unique and satisfying!

The original location of the Bethany Blues barbecue legacy began in Bethany Beach about thirteen years ago and it has been going strong ever since.  Maybe it’s the proximity to the beach, maybe it’s the ambiance (a rich mix of wood, stone and warm lighting), maybe it’s the lingering scent of the hickory wood slowly burning in the massive smoker that infuses the restaurant’s meats twenty-four seven in the kitchen, or maybe it’s simply the fact that the first of anything carries a certain vibe – whatever the reason, there’s a wonderful welcoming feeling in the air of Bethany Blues Bethany Beach when you walk in.

When we sat down for a delicious sampling of menu items with general manager Zachary Warner he shared the same enthusiasm for the Bethany Blues Bethany Beach experience. He was completely authentic and it was easy to see why once the incredible spread came to the table. Our sampling consisted of St. Louis Ribs, Reid Farms Dry-Aged Angus Steak Burgers, Baby Arugula Salad With Shrimp, Pigs On The Wing and Hickory Smoked Wings.

We were joined by Assistant Manager  Rory Baldini. Rory has been with Bethany Blues for several years and even though his official title is Assistant Manager, Zach described him as also sort of a Hospitality Manager. That’s because he’s incredibly friendly and well-versed in every aspect of Bethany Blues. Basically, it felt like Rory’s goal was to ensure that every patron had a really good time. We certainly were.

Though we weren’t able to fit it into the episode, know that the smoker that infuses the incredible flavor into the meats of Bethany Blues is a marvel. It was specially made for the restaurant 13 years ago in the south and part of the restaurant, at the time, had to be reconfigured to fit it in. It quite honestly is burning wood and smoking twenty-four seven. And, as Zach pointed out, the flavor that comes from a smoker that has been in operation twenty-four seven for thirteen years is swoon worthy and definitely something that should not be missed when in Bethany Beach. And, fortunately, Bethany Blues, is open year-round so you can do just that.