Sept. 30: The Lewes Fishhouse

Fresh Crabs on hand at the Lewes Fishhouse

The Lewes Fishhouse has been in business for a twenty-five years. That’s an impressive number business-wise and one can only imagine the amount of fresh seafood that has passed over their counter during the last quarter of a century.

One of the joys of life by the ocean is the availability of really fresh seafood – and this is something that the Lewes Fishhouse is known for. In fact – they supply fresh seafood for close to 400 restaurants throughout Delmarva (several of which we have featured on Coastal Cuisine). 400! That means that there is a very good chance that if you’ve ordered seafood in one of your favorite restaurants in the region, it may have started the journey to your plate during your visit via the Lewes Fishhouse.

But of course, you don’t have to be a top-notch chef or restaurateur to enjoy the benefits of the Lewes Fishhouse. Anyone is free to enter the easily recognizable shop (located at 17696 Coastal Hwy in Lewes, Delaware) to browse and purchase all the fresh seafood delicacies available. From sushi grade tuna (all of the “do it yourself” sushi items are available as well) to ready to be shucked raw oysters to a huge cold water tank full of lobsters, it’s all there year-round waiting to be prepared in your kitchen.

And if you aren’t in the mood for serious cooking, there are several in-house made specialties that will satisfy your seafood cravings without kitchen time. From shrimp salad to crab deviled eggs to pre-made crab cakes (OK- maybe a little bit of cooking required on that end, but trust me, they’re delicious and oh so much easier to prepare than hand picking out tiny shell bits from a can of lump crab meat), it’s all available.

During our visit, we met one husband and wife couple who had driven over 45 minutes braving an intense rain storm and a flood warning just so they could bring some of the treasured crab cakes home for dinner. They’ve been loyal customers for years and the hardest part, they informed me, wasn’t the drive. It was deciding what to bring back home before the next visit.

The husband then made a point of mentioning to me something of note. “Do you know how I know everything in here is fresh?” he asked with a knowing grin. “Nope”, I replied, “Fill me in.”

“It’s because it doesn’t smell like fish in here” he said right before taking a big sniff of the air in the shop. “Don’t ever buy seafood from a place that smells fishy. It won’t be fresh. That’s how you can tell.”

He was right of course. The Lewes Fishhouse didn’t smell fishy at all – just clean. So, if you’re in a seafood mood and feel like cooking in, you should definitely check out the Lewes Fishhouse. Ask for Deanna (a super-friendly and helpful manager) and tell her you saw them on Coastal Cuisine.

Here’s to good taste!