Sept. 9: Revelation Craft Brewing Company In West Rehoboth

Beer lovin' boys laughing it up over something funny at the bar.

According to one definition, the word revelation is a noun meaning “a surprising and previously unknown fact, especially one that is made known in a dramatic way.” I think my first experience at Revelation Craft Brewing Company in West Rehoboth fits that definition perfectly.

It happened on the Monday of Labor Day weekend. I had just biked the Breakwater Trail from Lewes into Rehoboth and as I coursed through the part of the West Rehoboth section of the trail, there to my right was the 1,100 or so square foot structure that makes up the Revelation Craft Brewing Company – brewing room and bar included.

And it was indeed a “revelation”. It felt like an oasis of cold, satisfying beer and aromatic eats after a long bike ride on a very hot afternoon. And based upon the number of bicycles lined up in the racks out front, I wasn’t the only person who fell under its charm.

Revelation Craft Brewing Company has quickly become a very popular, “off the beaten path” kind of place to chill out and enjoy some expertly crafted beers offered in a wide variety of tasty options. There’s also food, courtesy of an ever changing line up of food trucks and vendors who rotate turns being the main food event of a particular day or evening. It offers the unique culinary pleasure of daily variety (a completely different menu from one day to the next). One night it may be pulled pork and pineapple tacos from the Drift’n Kitchen Food Truck, and the next, a classic Reuben from the Rosenfeld’s Jewish Deli Truck.

And of course, there’s beer – and plenty of it- all brewed on the premises. Each beer has a unique flavor and back story which ultimately leads to an equally unique name. Two of my favorites sampled that hot afternoon were the RevSeesh Session IPA (I referred to it as light, crisp and grassy – a unique, green taste I happen to like – it felt like summer in a glass) and the Mamajuana Brown Ale (rich, robust, smoky with hints of dark chocolate). Any of the bartenders will be happy to fill you in on the beer and the inspiration and story behind it.

When we returned to interview owner and brewer Patrick Staggs, the entire, very enjoyable, experience became more solidified. The man is one hard working, dedicated and devoted beer expert and enthusiast. He’s also a dedicated father, football coach and humanitarian. Perfection is his goal and his knowledge of what makes the perfect beer experience is impressive and obvious with each sip of any of the many varieties available on tap.

Patrick’s enthusiasm is contagious. You find yourself wanting to sample several options, especially once you get the inside on the back story (the Mother In Law IPA, for example, is actually a great story of endearment about Patrick’s own Mother-In-Law, and it happens to be the most popular variety on tap).

Patrick has some great ideas and goals for Revelation, and there’s no doubt they will all come to reality. But why wait? There’s such an enjoyable vibe at Rev Beer now! After you pull up a stool at the bar, savor your pick of brews, settle back and get into the groove of it all – you fill like you’re part of a secret, insider’s beer lover’s club. Rest assured though, the much deserved popularity of Revelation Craft Brewing Company will spread  – it already has a tremendous social media following where dedicated patrons track what’s happening and when.

So, don’t hesitate, find your way to Revelation Craft Brewing Company, experience the joy of it all – and maybe even become a trendsetter while it’s still early enough to do so.

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