July 29: Sunshine Crepes In Bethany

The entrance to Sunshine Crepes in Bethany Beach

Most folks know what a crepe is by now, even though not everyone agrees on how to pronounce the French word. For those who are still a bit unclear, a crepe is basically a thin, batter based pancake that is stuffed with a variety of fillings ranging from sweet to savory. This makes them perfect for both breakfast and lunch dining – and often, for the heartier version, even dinner cravings can be satisfied with the perfectly stuffed crepe.

Owners Justin Evans and his wife Pavla opened Sunshine Crepes in Bethany close to seven years ago and the business is booming. The cheery, brightly colored space located at 100 Garfield Parkway in Bethany Beach was packed with patrons the day we filmed our Coastal Cuisine segment.

Though most folks associate the crepe with Parisian tinged visions of quaint cafes, accordion music and berets, the crepe has a far more European history overall than just its association with French cuisine. Pavla was raised in the Czech Republic and crepes were a standard meal during her childhood. The version that she and the staff prepare at Sunshine Crepes is based on the crepes from her home land.

According to Justin, the difference is mostly in the batter, which, when poured onto the hot crepe pan, fills the space with an incredible aroma. It’s no wonder that so many people become hooked after one whiff of that vanilla/baking bread infused scent of hot crepes sizzling to perfection. We shared a variety of sweet and savory crepes during our visit and one mighty satisfying Belgium waffle. All of the items were delicious and satisfying – and very, very fresh indeed.

One of the enthusiastic patrons, a repeat customer, raved about both the crepes and the coffee. He said that both were just as good as anything that he had ever had  in Paris. The same patron, by the way, pronounced the word crepe as if it rhymed with “Prep” (sounding a bit like Crehp – which we believe is the standard French pronunciation). Host Michael Sprouse, however, uses the traditional American pronunciation of crepe (which rhymes with drape).There really is no right or wrong way to say it.

No matter how the word comes out of your mouth, the crepes at Sunshine Crepes are absolutely delicious. The patrons are friendly and the purple and golden yellow shop is bright and very cheery indeed – pair that along with a top-notch, dedicated staff, and you get an experience that may very well be just as enjoyable as a trip to Paris – only it’s a lot closer and much less money than an overseas plane ticket.

When you stop by Sunshine Crepes, make sure you tell them you saw them on Coastal Cuisine!

Here’s to good taste!