July 22: Brunch at The Summerhouse in Rehoboth Beach

The Short Rib Hash is topped with two over easy eggs, small salad and toast.

We can thank the Brits for the concept of Brunch. It originated in England in the late 19th century and became popular in the United States in the 1930s. Since then, it has become a staple of weekend morning/afternoon dining across the country. This is especially true in vacation areas like the beaches of Delmarva.

It’s usually a laid back, relaxing experience. Diners looking for brunch aren’t often the kind who show up bright and early, eager to be the first ones in when a restaurant or café opens their door in the mornings. They usually arrive later, taking their time to opt between menu options that run from traditional fare like omelets and pancakes to more savory, stolid dishes like salmon BLTs or crab cakes. Often, favorite late morning cocktails like Mimosas, Bloody Marys or Greyhounds find their way onto the table not far from the cups of hot coffee.

Nicole Irvin, Hospitality Coach for the Big Fish Restaurant Group (owners and operators of the Summerhouse in Rehoboth Beach) was the perfect guest to join host Michael Sprouse when we decided to try out their brunch offerings one recent Sunday morning. She’s definitely hospitable, cheerful, witty and she knew a great deal about the Summerhouse after having started her career there several years ago as a server.

She told Sprouse that brunch was one of her favorite meals at the large, cozy space on Rehoboth Avenue (in existence since 1977). Plus, she added, because of her years connected to the Summerhouse, there was always a sense of family connection to the restaurant and the staff. The staff is equally as charismatic and fun to be around and Nicole feels that that is one of the perks of the Summerhouse that keeps regulars coming back year after year and first timers happy that they came in.

All of the menu items that we sampled were perfect from the crab eggs benedict (perfectly cooked by the way) to the salmon BLT. There’s also a make your own, bottomless Bloody Mary option for those looking to imbibe and the fresh juice Mimosa was delicious making for a perfect side to the incredible food.

So, if you’re feeling like enjoying a lazy Sunday morning drinking and dining at the beach, stroll into the Summerhouse and get your brunch on. Tell Nicole and the staff hello and don’t forget to mention that you saw it on Coastal Cuisine.

Here’s to good taste!