July 15: The Coffeehouse & Lori’s Oy Vey Cafe

Great coffee options at The Coffeehouse

America’s love affair with coffee is a well-documented romance and there appears to be no foreseeable end to the honeymoon. Sometimes, especially when you’re in vacation mode during a stay at the beach, all you really want is a quick cup in the morning and something tasty, fast and satisfying to take along with you on your walk to the sand. Though sometimes you just want to quietly sit and savor the morning while contemplating your relaxing schedule of sun, sand and fun.

Lori’s Oy Vey Café – located in the quiet and quaint courtyard on Baltimore Avenue next to Letters (and now celebrating their 20th season in Rehoboth Beach) –  and The Coffeehouse (part of The Point Coffeehouse And Bake Shoppe – both located on Rehoboth Avenue) are perfect spots for both.

We started with a visit to The Coffeehouse where the visuals are as robust as the fresh, hot java. All of the impressive pastries and baked goods (as well as the coffee beans) travel from right up the street (often as three times a day) to keep breakfast focused pastry loving patrons happy and satisfied. Manager Kim Kneipp has spent the last several years ensuring that everything that comes out of The Coffeehouse is fresh, delicious and beaming with that “just out of the oven” vibe.

She understands that speed is key in the morning when folks are eager to find a parking spot for the day or in a rush to locate the perfect patch of sand to post an umbrella. She also understands that sometimes a patron just wants to simply sit and quietly cool down away from the sun and the tourist busy Rehoboth Avenue. The Coffeehouse fits both needs perfectly. Kim once even spent hours testing their incredible Frappes to ensure that they wouldn’t melt shortly after being served. We’re not sure how they mastered the craft of keeping the delicious frozen beverage intact for up to an hour at least – but we’re glad they figured it out.

Lori Kline (namesake and owner of Lori’s Oy Vey Café for 20 years) has seen lots of breakfasts served over the counter of her quaint, fun, and capricious café. Lori’s has a long list of dedicated patrons who stop by on a daily basis looking for their regular orders. Often, Lori says, she can get the items ready from them as soon as she sees them heading her way through the courtyard – practically handing them a paper bag filled with their tried and true breakfast bites as soon as they walk in the door. Lori’s offers ample portions and she holds true to her mindset of “you won’t leave here hungry.” The whitefish salad here is incredible, and, should you decided that you may want to stop back by for lunch some lazy, sunny afternoon, Lori’s signature chicken salad (a time-honed secret recipe) is legendary in downtown Rehoboth Beach.

So, the take away here is that there are some great options in Rehoboth for a more laid-back breakfast, whether you’re in a hurry, or just want to chill and watch the morning move along at the beach. If you stop by either, remember to tell them you saw it on Coastal Cuisine!

Here’s to good taste…