July 8: Honey’s Farm Fresh In Lewes

These beauties were as delicious and fresh as they look

All month long on Coastal Cuisine, we’re taking a look at breakfast options on Delmarva. From small Mom & Pop pancake and scrapple diners to four-star restaurants renown for an elegant Sunday brunch, we’re going to do our best to cover as much as possible over the next few weeks.

We decided to start with Honey’s Farm Fresh located on Savanah Road in the historic district of Lewes. It’s been opened in its current incarnation for about two years, but the building itself has about a thirty-year history of serving as a locally treasured, tourist targeted eatery that has always drawn breakfast loving patrons.

It’s not unusual for lines to form quickly on Saturday and Sunday mornings. The praise of satisfied diners has spread steadily over the last two summers and many folks know Honey’s as a great spot for ample portions, delicious traditional breakfast offerings and appealing and seasonally focused daily specials. Helpful hint – if you don’t like waiting (though the line moves relatively quickly) get there when they open at around 8 AM.

One of host Michael Sprouse’s favorite go-to places for Sunday morning breakfast fare, Honey’s has a friendly and outgoing staff plus a welcoming and cozy interior design that serves well as the icing on the cake (or perhaps “syrup on the hotcakes” would be more appropriate) of the morning dining experience.

Co-owner and cook Jim Paslawski and his partner Mark Grabowski have been in the restaurant business for several years having owned and operated Finbar’s in Rehoboth Beach and The Blue Plate Diner (in the same Lewes location as Honey’s) several years ago and their experience is evident.

We sat down with Jim for some insight into the business of breakfast while our very attentive waitress Vera delivered a wide variety of options to the table. Jim is a charismatic guy who knows how important –  and very social – breakfast in a small town diner environment can be for the community.

“They line up, come in, order over coffee or breakfast cocktails, converse and plan their day,” Jim said. Jim added that most folks have very established ideas about what they like for breakfast and/or how they want certain items prepared. Extra crispy on the bacon, eggs over easy, toast with no butter – it’s all part of the breakfast dining ordering chatter. And while most folks don’t go off script, opting to stick to their established favorites, Jim prepares breakfast specials weekly that offer the chance to explore other items for those looking for something different.

There’s also a huge garden directly behind Honey’s that Jim tends. Not only does it keep them supplied with garden fresh produce in season, but it also provides him with the much needed stress release that can come with spending hours working in a very busy and often very hot kitchen. Jim told Sprouse it “keeps him on his feet and hopefully keeps him young.”

Jim added that often neighbors will bring over extra produce straight from their gardens which Jim will incorporate into one of the daily specials. One neighbor is growing bananas (unusual for Lewes – but great for pancakes) which he envisions coming to the special board as soon as they are ripe enough to pick.

How’s that for local produce?

While there is a great array of breakfast main stays available, one swoon worthy side dish is the Golden Latke. It’s a huge pie slice of crisp, shredded potatoes layered with a creamy delicious cheese and gentle spices before being baked to a golden brown and topped with a sprinkle of fresh scallions. It’s absolutely mouth-watering and amazingly (in this day and age), it’s available as a side selection with most of the breakfast dish items (home fries are also an option for the more taste traditional.)

Whatever your preference, you won’t go away hungry from Honey’s Farm Fresh and you won’t have to break the piggy bank either to enjoy a brilliant breakfast. It truly is a great way to start the day.

If you end up at Honey’s, make sure and spread the love by telling them that you saw them on Coastal Cuisine. And remember, the early bird catches the quickest table.

Here’s to good taste!