July 1: Michy’s Relaxed Dining

Host Michael Sprouse and Chef Richard Davis being filmed by cameraman Nick Gruber (center) and assistant cameramen Evan Ulsh (right).

It was our first time to feature Michy’s Relaxed Dining on Coastal Cuisine and we were all looking forward to the experience. The restaurant (located at 9287 Miller Road right off of Route 1 Coastal Highway (part of the Rehoboth Marketplace Shopping Center by Food Lion) has been packing the bright, cheery spot with dedicated locals and tourists alike consistently since opening three short years ago.

(photos by TwinFin Media and Marketing’s Alexis Shaak)

Owning and operating a restaurant was the dream of the couple for much of the their 25 plus year history together. Michelle told host Michael Sprouse that once they hit 50, she told Richard that it was “do or die” time with the decision. She said that at that time she realized that they were still young enough that if the venture didn’t work out, they could still pay their way out of it and move forward and if it did work out, it would be great.

It was a very good decision. Locals and tourists both pack the welcoming and spacious feeling eatery nightly. Known for an excellent happy hour with a hip, cozy bar (that fills up very quickly) and very appealing drink and appetizer specials, the atmosphere of Michy’s is true to it’s slogan of “relaxed dining”. One extra cool aspect of the bar is the television neatly tucked inside the display of many wine offerings. It only streams vintage, classic films. Michelle said they didn’t want to focus on the standard politics or sports. Often, bar patrons end up playing impromptu trivia with each other about the films while enjoying cocktail specialties.

We dined on a variety of house appetizers during our visit. One of Sprouse’s favorites was the Firecracker Shrimp. It’s a huge portion of tempura battered, deep fried shrimp, pyramid-stacked on a bed of fresh greens and tossed with sriracha mayo, scallions and crushed peanuts. Other highlights during our visit were the “Heaping Bowl of Clams” (middlenecks in a white wine, garlic, clam juice, tomato, lemon and basil broth served with crostini and sprinkled with red pepper flakes) and the Calamari (flash fried szechuan style with a  garlic chili sauce, sesame seeds, peanuts, scallions and lemon mayonnaise).

We’ll be back, probably after the season passes and we’ll dig into what promises to be some equally delicious entrees too. So, if you’re looking for a “relaxed” chill dining experience, you should probably consider putting Michy’s on your list. And don’t forget to tell them you saw them on Coastal Cuisine.

Until next week – here’s to good taste!