June 24: Gus & Gus Place in Rehoboth Beach

Hungry patrons line up for fried chicken, burgers and more...

Even if you’ve never been to Gus & Gus place on the boardwalk in Rehoboth Beach, it still seems familiar when you walk in the front door. The scent of fried chicken, home cut French-fries sizzling in hot oil, cheese steaks and burgers on the grill – it all kicks in and you feel immediately welcome, relaxed and ready to enjoy a hearty bite of all of that wonderful, traditional boardwalk food.

There’s nothing fancy here and that’s perfect. It’s been a family owned and operated business since 1956 and 86-year-old Gus Svolis still spends his time behind the counter with his two sons making sure that everybody leaves happy and full. When you grab a stool at the small counter or sit in one of the booths (where the table tops still feature the original – though non-functional- mini-jukebox players from decades past,) you feel like you’ve been coming to Gus & Gus Place for years. And the truth is, many diners have. It’s been open for 61 years and literally generations of loyal and hungry beach loving customers have – and still continue to – line up for their famous fried chicken, gyros, cheeseburgers and more.

Gus has been there since day one. He admits that he’s a little hard of hearing now, but that didn’t stop him from showing us how he can still dice lettuce without looking. Several times during our interview, he would suddenly jump up to help fill an order or show one of the much younger staff members where something was located. He may be hard of hearing, but he is definitely quick on his feet and quick with a joke.

When host Michael Sprouse asked him what has changed most over the years, he replied that the people seemed nicer back then, that they seemed less in a hurry and that people simply didn’t curse as much several decades ago. But none of these things seemed to have dissuaded Gus and his two sons, his son-in-law (and his wife and daughter who weren’t there during our shoot), from spending the day happily cooking for long lines of dedicated customers.

You don’t want to feel rushed at Gus & Gus and you won’t. It’s the perfect little beach spot to grab something to fill you up during a lazy day at the shore. The ocean breeze that swirls through the small space, the sounds of seagulls hovering over the boardwalk looking for dropped fries, the laughter of kids playing in the sand and surf, it all makes for a wonderful, easy-breezy dining experience.

So, the next time you’re spending the day on Rehoboth Beach and you’re looking for a simple but satisfying bite to eat, drop into Gus & Gus Place (or simply walk up to the open grill window) and experience the satisfaction that comes from 61 years of experience.

And don’t’ forget to tell them you saw them on Coastal Cuisine!

Here’s to good taste…