June 3: National Donut Day At The Fractured Prune In Rehoboth Beach

The flavor combinations of donuts at the Fractured Prune are practically limitless

National Donut Day seems to get bigger and better every year. Perhaps it’s because Americans eat close to 10 billion donuts annually according to a recent statistic. Here in Rehoboth Beach, some of the best donuts can be found at The Fractured Prune. It’s one of our favorite donut shops here at Coastal Cuisine and we were stoked to visit the husband and wife team of owners and donut experts Jodi and Diane Smith for an inside look at the sweet holiday.

We first met Jodi and Diane last autumn when we were looking for places to feature in our “Pumpkin Spice Hunt”. They had both Pumpkin Spice flavored coffee and donuts and we were hooked with the first sip and bite.

Diane and Jodi are a fun loving, gregarious and happy couple. Though Jodi prefers to stay off the camera and in the kitchen loading the donut making machine, Diane was happy to discuss the way of the donut and the process involved in the hand dipping action that gives the fresh, hot donuts their specialized and unique flavor and culinary charm.

Before we knew it, Diane had host Michael Sprouse wearing one of the very fun, purple tied-dyed Fractured Prune t-shirts and hand dipping donuts behind the counter right along with her. She has a well experienced routine down on how to fill the orders, in a huge variety of flavors and combinations. Countless dozens of donuts come off the machine every day and it requires quick moving and focused thinking. It’s impressive works and she does it all with a smile and a laugh. As Diane herself said, she feels that making sure customers leave happy is her job.

With such flavors as The Bacon Bomb, The Orange Dream and the O.C. Sand (the F.P’s signature donut consisting of a hot, honey glazed donut dipped in cinnamon sugar), it’s a donut lover’s paradise and the combination of toppings that each, fresh, hot donut can be dipped in is only limited to one’s imagination and taste buds.

The Fractured Prune is a happy, bright, colorful and fantastic smelling place. It’s easy to feel great as soon as you walk in. The coffee, by the way, is also delicious and the perfect drink to wash down whatever favorite flavor combo you may crave.

If you end up in the Fractured Prune anytime soon, and we suggest you do, tell Jodi and Diane hi from all of us here at Coastal Cuisine.

Here’s to good taste.