May 6: Nectar Café and Juice Bar in Downtown Lewes

Amanda "The Juice Queen" Moore peeling a grapefruit with ease and dexterity...

Nectar Café and Juice Bar in downtown Lewes was the perfect location to kick off our month long focus on “Heathy Eats” on Delmarva. Though there are several traditional items on the menu that will satisfy those looking for something a bit more indulgent when it comes to healthy eating, most of the items are focused on food that fits perfectly into a healthy lifestyle.

Owner and self-taught chef Sarah McKeown has done a fantastic job creating the menu and designing the unique, fun and ambient interior of the popular café since it’s opening about three years ago.

Freshness is the focus at Nectar. All the menu items, from the customized, hand-squeezed juice combinations (with names like “Heavy Metal Detox”, “Beauty Balm” and “Morning After”) to designer cocktails (yes, there’s a fully functional bar with a Greyhound Martini – from fresh squeezed on the spot grapefruit – that is about as close to perfection as you can get) to mouth-watering vegan chocolate tortes, are super fresh with a “this is really good for you” vibe. But, frankly, they taste so good and the atmosphere is so relaxing, that you may not even notice how healthy it all is for you.

Sarah left a big city law career to open Nectar in her hometown of Lewes and her decision has paid off. She has the aura of someone who is satisfied with her work. Plus, her dedication to creating a space where diners can feel good about the food they are eating is evident. The friendly and very talented staff (self-proclaimed “juice queen” Amanda Moore’s expertise at peeling a grapefruit in what seemed like a few seconds was very impressive) share the same enthusiasm which is always a great sign that things are running smoothly and well.

One of the favorite items from the menu that really impressed host Michael Sprouse was the Avocado Toast. A relatively new item on the menu, it consists of fresh avocado, sprouts, feta cheese, tomatoes and a zesty sauce served on a hearty slice of multi-grain bread and topped with a perfectly poached egg. Sarah herself said that she has it almost every morning for breakfast and Amanda called it “one of the best things she’s ever eaten.”

So, if you’re looking for a healthier dining alternative, check out Nectar Café & Juice Bar. Our next goal is to stop in for dinner one evening, we have no doubt we’ll leave feeling even better than we did when we walked in the door.