April 29: The Dogfish Head Brewery Food Truck – Bunyan’s Lunchbox

Yep. It looks just like a giant lunchbox...

For the final segment in our month-long Food Truck Focus series, we decided to go all out with a visit to the Dogfish Head brewery in Milton, Delaware to sample the savory fare from the Bunyan’s Lunchbox Food Truck.

The jovial gent getting in front of the camera with host Michael Sprouse for this shoot was Matt Fetherston (whose official title at Dogfish is “Off-Centered Tour/Tasting Manager). Though Matt has only been with Dogfish head for less than a year, his knowledge of the brewery, the food truck and the Dogfish Brewery experience overall was impressive and his enthusiasm for his work at the famous brewery was evident.

Matt informed us that they were introducing more Dogfish beer infused items to the Bunyan’s Lunchbox Food Truck menu (which had heretofore been primarily focused on bratwurst) and we were fortunate enough to have been able to sample some of the new fare during our visit. We were also somehow lucky enough to get our order placed before the huge crowd of beer loving, enthralled tourists stepped up to the window.

And we were glad we did.

The four sandwich that we selected from the menu were each delicious and unique – and most definitely infused with some of Dogfish’s finest. It gave each sandwich (The Midas Touch Pulled Pork, The Cuban, The Grilled Cheese and Bunyan’s Reuben) an individual taste character but without being overwhelming by the infusion of beer into the mix. It was a perfect blend and the sandwiches were just the right size to satisfy while deliciously pairing with any of the many Dogfish Head craft beers available on tap at the brewery.

The other neat thing that Matt let us know is that the Bunyan’s Lunchbox (and yes – it really does look like a giant lunch box on wheels) is basically so steadily busy (the brewery has become a hot tourist must-see in southern Delaware) that it pretty much stays put all of the time. Not that it can’t be moved – it can – but the people actually come to the truck rather than waiting for the truck to come to them.

Maybe it’s a testament to how good the food is, or the beer, or just the great time that can be had while taking the tour of the Dogfish Head Brewery (a future Coastal Cuisine segment no doubt).

So, if you’ve not been to the Dogfish Head brewery, you too should put it on your “must see” list and sample some of Bunyan’s Lunchbox’s tasty “beer-centric foods to pair with off-centered ales” for yourself.

You’ll be glad you did. Here’s to good taste!