April 22: The Zogg’s Sea Hogg Food Truck

Everything under 10 dollars from the Sea Hogg!

An off shoot of Zoggs Key West-style raw bar & grill, the Sea Hogg Food Truck has been on the road for just over a year according to Anthony Jacona, who along with brother Chris, own and operate both Zoggs and Dave And Skippy’s Bagel and Sandwich shop on Wilmington Avenue.

Chris is more of the front of the house kind of guy and Anthony works the back of the house mostly cooking in the kitchen and on the truck. Chris may have been a bit camera shy during our shoot, but Anthony was happy to sit down with host Michael Sprouse over lunch and the opportunity to discuss the back story of the Sea Hogg.

Anthony said that they had wanted a food truck for years and when the chance came along to purchase one, the brothers jumped at the opportunity. Like many of the stories we’ve heard from other food truck owners and operators, he told us that business is booming and that it’s difficult being able to keep up with the demand for the trucks schedule-wise around the region.

Anthony is a gregarious and very talented self-taught chef and Sprouse and the C.C. crew were knocked-over by how delicious the Sea Hogg menu offerings (all original recipes by Anthony) were. The scent of the food cooking was incredible and drool-worthy as it wafted around the parking lot of Print Coast To Coast in Five Points in Lewes were the truck was located druing the afternoon of our shoot. The portion sizes were more than ample and the prices were very affordable with nothing, to our surprise, priced over 10 dollars.

We don’t do food reviews on Coastal Cuisine, but in the nature of full disclosure, we sampled a wide variety of items for lunch and we were seriously impressed by every one of them. The “Frosted Flakes” coated chicken tenders didn’t last long and even though it didn’t make the final cut, Sprouse’s impression of Tony The Tiger’s famous “They’re Great!” line made was spot-on and appropriate because they were, quite honestly, great. Once they were dipped into the house made Key Lime Aioli sauce, they sky-rocketed past the “great” spot and made it into “awesome”. The Pulled Pork Nachos and the Ahi Tuna Tacos were equally outstanding and memorable and as C.C.’s Alexis Shaak noted – all the dressings were super-fresh.

So, the next time you see the Sea Hogg rolling through your neighborhood, grab ten bucks and treat yourself to a Key West inspired lunch or dinner that will have you doing your own “Tony The Tiger” impression after your first bite.