April 1: Lula Brazil In Rehoboth Beach

The Brazilian Shrimp Ceviche is served with pickled red onions and jalapeno peppers.

Everything about Brazil just seems so exotic and tropical. The culture, the carnival, the beaches, Rio de Janeiro, the music, and of course the food.

Fortunately for us, LuLa Brazil owner and restaurateur Meg Husdon has brought a slice of the “Terra do Brasil” to the beaches of Rehoboth and the spacious restaurant located on Rehoboth Avenue is just as colorful and upbeat as one would expect a stay in Brazil to be.

Meg is incredibly well-versed in Brazilian culture (her first visit to South America’s largest country was as an exchange student in high school).  She speaks Portuguese fluently and she knows a great deal about the melting pot cultural influences that make Brazil – and the country’s cuisine – unique.

While she admits that getting the locals to try something relatively unfamiliar hasn’t always been a – pardon the pun – carnival, she has done a tremendous job of recreating her knowledge and experiences into the atmosphere and the menu of LuLa Brazil causing the list of dedicated patrons to grow.

The walls are colorful and there is always a great display of original art by local artists that reflects the vibrancy and exotic influence of Brazil. LuLa Brazil also has an excellent dance floor which is always crowded on weekend evenings and a beautiful, tropical feeling outdoor garden dining area.

The menu items are truly delicious, and as Meg mentions, there is a wide variety of entrees and appetizers that will appease most all tastes. Also – don’t miss the chance to try one of their signature fantastic, fresh made Brazilian cocktails including the Caipirinha (Brazil’s national cocktail, made with a sugarcane hard liquor known as cachaça, sugar and lime).

So, if you’re in the mood for something non-traditional and slightly exotic, but very approachable and delicious, you should definitely put LuLa Brazil on your list. You could even show up on a weekend and try your Samba skills on the dance floor after your dinner.