March 18: Kaisy’s Delights in Rehoboth Beach

Host Michael Sprouse (far left) gets ready to snap a picture of his first Kaisy as witnessed by owners Thierry (middle) and Natalie Langer (far right)

Make no mistake, the husband and wife team of Thierry and Nathalie Langer love the Kaisy. So much so, in fact, that almost a year ago, they opened Kaisy’s Delights on Rehoboth Avenue where the Kaisy is definitely the star of the show.

What is a Kaisy you may ask? The Kaisy is a traditional Austrian dessert which can basically be described as a rich, buttery, shredded pancake. The official word for the dish is Kaiserschmarnn – which translates roughly to the “Emperor’s Mess” after Kaiser Franz Joseph I of Austria fell in love with the tasty treat in the mid-1800’s.

The phrase “Emperor’s Mess” is appropriate because once the huge pancakes (for lack of a better term) are almost finished cooking they are removed from the large bottomless spring form pan shaped cooking implement and basically rough-sliced on top of the hot griddle into a hot mess of sizzling batter, Kaisy sections and European butter.  The vanilla/butter/batter scent combo is heavenly and difficult to resist.

Not that we tried. In fact, Thierry called them “addicting” and added that the Kaisy could make a great meal any time of the day, breakfast, lunch or dinner – or, go for the gusto and make it an entire day of Kaisy dining. Your waistline may not be happy with that decision, but your taste buds will sing your praises.

The other very inviting aspect of Kaisy’s Delights is the festive pink and green décor of the rather large space located at 70 First Street Station on Rehoboth Avenue. It was just enough of a pop to provoke a feeling of happiness when you walk in the door and pink is a color that makes everyone look good.

Plus – there’s very festive green, maroon and pink hats all around the restaurant that you can wear while eating your Kaisy in case you wanted to get the true Austrian experience – though Thierry and Nathalie Langer’s distinctive and melodic accents and authentic Austrian Alps centered outfits may also put you in the mood hat wearing.

We suggest that you stop by Kaisy’s Delight’s just to try the dessert of the Kaiser for yourself and see if you don’t become a fan. Thierry is more than happy to share the back story of the unique dish, based upon our experience, and their genuine enthusiasm for your visit – and the Kaisy – is impressive and welcoming.