FEB. 19: Bramble & Brine

Host Michael Sprouse dines and chats with Bramble & Brine owner and Head Chef Joey Churchman

The recently and completely renovated Bramble & Brine in Rehoboth Beach presents quite a feast for the senses for diners. The contemporary, stylized and highly artistic vision of the young owner and Head Chef Joey Churchman is evident throughout the entire experience. It can be found everywhere from the modern-art themed sculptural wall installations to the crisped-lined cut of the tables and linens – and, of course, throughout the menu which progresses from the exotic to the classic.

When host Michael Sprouse sat down with Churchman during the shoot, the conversation quickly turned to the artistic. The restaurant has a chic, urbane, stylized vibe that flows throughout every corner. There’s not a beach crowd, burger and beer, local hangout feel at Bramble & Brine (though Churchman has a fondness for those kind of spots having grown up in the area.) Rather, it has a “big city”, sophisticated, refined yet relaxed feel – think New York, Philadelphia or Washington, D.C. and you’re on track.

Churchman has an artistic energy about him and his menu reflects it. It changes frequently based upon a variety of influences. The visual presentation alone underscores that aspect. The beautiful charcuterie plate was the perfect example. The ample platter was complete with a wide arrange of tastings that included blood sausage, octopus terrine, and molasses cured Delaware ham. The presentation had the look of an artist’s palette covered with dabs of colorful paint ready for the canvas.

Absolutely everything from the goat milk ricotta to the swordfish pastrami is made in-house. It’s incredibly impressive. What’s equally impressive is the fact that Churchman is self-taught.

If you’re looking for a “big city” dining experience, definitely check out Bramble & Brine. It’s almost like taking a mini-dining vacation without leaving the beach.

For more on Bramble & Brine, visit them online at www.brambleandbrine.com.