FEB. 12 : The Bacchus Wine Bar of Milton

There's plenty of delicious wine on hand at the the Bacchus Wine Bar of Milton

Are there spirits to be found at the Bacchus Wine Bar of Milton? Some say yes. Owners Rich and Debbie Sulkovsky say that a paranormal investigation team reported a few spooky occurrences during a recent visit to the 100-year-old building that houses the restaurant once used as a bank and a jailhouse.

Even the chef has reported a few friendly ghost encounters, but if there were a few from the other side floating about the sophisticated, popular spot during our visit, they kept a very low profile.

What we did find was a great amount of delicious wine and some truly tasty menu items to perfectly accompany the vino. Host Michael Sprouse sampled a variety of red wine (which he prefers over white) and the one that really sparked his happy wine enthusiast taste buds was the Sposato 2013 Malbec Reserve from Argentina.

Argentina is renowned for producing great wines, but way not be so well known is that this family vineyard, according to Rich and Debbie, is the same Sposato family that specializes in providing landscape services throughout the Delmarva Peninsula. That brings yet another local touch to the classy yet cozy restaurant.

We dined on some delicious tapas (which change daily), courtesy of the very talented and vivacious Chef Stephanie Wampole, as well as a very impressive cheese platter, and a delicious Roasted Chicken and Sausage flatbread pizza.

We really had a wonderful time during our visit (the hip, stylish atmosphere alone is worth investigating.) And as one of the diners we spoke to during our visit said, it really feels like the start of a new era of dining in downtown Milton.

Enjoy your visit – and don’t be surprised if a potential friendly spirit or two beats you to the bar. And remember, tell them you saw it on Coastal Cuisine.