JAN 1: Coastal Cuisine, A Look Back at 2015

It has been one truly fantastic year for Coastal Cuisine! Not only did 2015 mark the debut of Coastal Cuisine, but it also gave host Michael Sprouse and crew a fantastic opportunity to make some great new friends in Delmarva’s vibrant cuisine industry, sample some incredible food and drink, and travel throughout the region on a weekly culinary quest.

The three episodes featured in our 2015 look back episode are all fantastic, but the truth is, any of the Coastal Cuisine episodes could have been featured as they all were simply that good. So – don’t think of this episode as a “best of” Coastal Cuisine, but more accurately, think of it as a “sampling of” Coastal Cuisine.
Here are the three featured episodes with links for streaming:

1: The Big Chill Surf Cantina/Taco Reho Rehoboth Beach, Delaware http://coastalcuisine.tv/2015/10/09/oct-9-the-big-chill-surf-cantina-taco-reho/
This was one of the first times that CC focused on more of a bar environment and Michael and the crew had a blast! The Cantina is very popular with locals in the food and surf industry but the place draws a wide variety of different folks all ready to enjoy the laid back, chilled and hip vibe of the place. Somehow lost in translation during the set up for filming was the fact that the food served at The Big Chill comes from the Taco Reho food truck in the parking lot right outside of the Cantina. It was a win/win for Michael and the crew since they love the great food served up from Taco Reho! To thier surprise, Larry Lawrence was at the helm of the truck that night. Larry is a great guy and a great cook – Sprouse and the crew know him from filming at Gary’s in Dewey Beach over the summer and for a soon to be filmed upcoming episode at Jam in Rehoboth Beach.

2: The Globe Restaurant & Bar, Berlin, Maryland
Host Michael Sprouse says he wasn’t kidding when he said that they were literally next door filming a commercial when he walked into the Globe hoping to find a bathroom. It had been a very busy day and it wasn’t until Sprouse walked in that afternoon did he he realize that he was in the spot that he had been wanting to feature on CC for quite some time. Since The crew just happened to be “in the neighborhood” with the equipment, Sprouse asked if they could go ahead and film the episode. Owner Jennifer Dawicki was happy to agree and an hour later Sprouse was interviewing her on camera. He had a great time with spectacular food and Jenn and he became quick friends. If you end up at the Globe, definitely check out the fully functional, stunning art gallery upstairs!

3: Palate, Rehoboth Beach, Delaware.
A perfect example of “the show must go on”! While most folks were staying snug in their homes in one of the worst nor’easters to hit Delmarva in a while, Host Michael Sprouse and the crew were out filming at Palate. It turned out to be the perfect opportunity for Sprpuse to sit down with the husband/wife owners/chef team of Gary and Lorraine Papp. The weather didn’t stop them from preparing an excellent meal (highly appreciated!) and it was great fun being able to enjoy the meal at a slower pace without the challenges for the crew of having to shoot around the hustle and bustle of a busy (as Palate usually is!) restaurant.

Here is a list of the venues that make a cameo appearance in the 2015 Look Back episode. Click on the name to stream the segment online on this website – and remember – Here’s To Good Taste!